GPSG Officers

Student Body President

Purna Chandra Doddapaneni

Computer Science and Engineering


Speaker and Executive Vice President

Shannon Norris

Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications

Vice President of Information

Benjamin Schroeder

Physics and Astronomy

Vice President of Finance

Danielle Bevan

Teaching, Learning, and Culture

Vice President of University Affairs

Kassie Jones

Public Service and Administration

GPSG Executive Committee Chairs

Grad Camp Director

Connor Padgett

Poultry Science


Marketing and Communications Director

Kentaro Toyonaga

Animal Science


Student Research Week Director

…coming soon


GPSG Legislative Committee Chairs

Advocacy Co-Chair for Legislative Affairs

Anna David

International Affairs


Advocacy Co-Chair for Student Affairs

Connor Padgett

Poultry Science


Community Co-Chair for Diversity and Inclusion and International Student Affairs

Chandler Wilkins

Urban Planning


Community Co-Chair for Programming, Service, and Recruitment

Paloma Cuello del Pozo



Scholarship Co-Chair for Awards and Professional Development

Ming-Ray Liao



Scholarship Co-Chair for Research and Grants

Rio O’Neal

Public Service and Administration