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2018-2019 Committee Descriptions

The Graduate and Professional Student Council relies heavily on the efforts of the Standing Committees to help oversee the many different and important roles that take place in the Council. The specific details of each of the Standing Committees are given below, and were taken from the Council’s By-Laws.

The Awards Committee shall be responsible for oversight of the GPSC Travel Award programs in order to positively support the graduate and professional student body, as well as the academic mission of Texas A&M University. This committee has jurisdiction over all awards to be distributed by the GPSC, with the exception of awards given for excellence in research as part of Student Research Week.

The Quality of Life Committee shall be responsible for addressing issues concerning education, research, and financial support that affect the quality of the graduate and professional student academic experience at Texas A&M University and for addressing issues concerning graduate and professional student health, personal and family welfare, personal budget, child care, etc. that affect the overall quality of graduate and professional student life outside of the academic experience

The Internal Legislative Affairs Committee shall be responsible for addressing legislation that affects graduate and professional students at the University level. The committee will examine issues at Texas A&M that student government bodies may propose legislation on and act as a resource for other delegates wishing to draft their own legislation.

The External Legislative Affairs Committee shall be responsible for addressing legislation that affects graduate and professional students at the local, state, and national levels. The committee will examine legislative issues, especially during years that the Texas legislature is not in session, so that the GPSC will be prepared to address issues effectively within the legislature’s limited timetable.

The Marketing and Communications Committee shall be responsible for the promotion of all Graduate Student Council events, including but not limited to: GPSC General Assembly meetings, GPSC Special Meetings, all events coordinated by the Programming Committee, and external events of interest to the graduate and professional student body.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee shall be responsible for dealing with issues unique to the diverse student body of Texas A&M University. The Committee will work closely with offices such as International Student Services, Multicultural Services, Vice President of Global Initiative, the Vice President of Diversity, the GLBT Resource Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and other interested parties to ensure that graduate student interests are voiced, and to keep graduate and professional students apprised of relevant and pertinent information related to Diversity issues.

The Programming and Service Committee shall be responsible for planning of events to foster community and fellowship among the graduate and professional students of Texas A&M University. The jurisdiction of this committee includes all programming opportunities, whether social or academic, and including those that provide a service to charitable causes or to the Bryan-College Station community. The committee will work to ensure that the GPSC is continually engaged in charitable works.

The Recruitment Committee shall be responsible for recruiting graduate and professional students to attend events and become involved in the GPSC, will reach out to entities that may benefit from sending representatives to meetings, and serves as a liaison committee between the GPSC and underrepresented departments, programs, and graduate and professional student organizations.

The Research Committee shall be responsible for collecting and curating submissions for graduate and professional student features on the GPSC Research Spotlight and in formal publications. The committee will also research and develop a website dedicated to graduate and professional research and human subject recruitment for researchers at TAMU. Lastly, the committee will address issues relevant to graduate and professional student research, and will serve as a resource to the Student Research Week Planning Committee.

The International Student Affairs Committee shall consist of delegates from the International Student Non-departmental organizations within the GPSC. They will focus on international student issues and ensure the voice of international students is heard. They will advise the GPSC President on matters affecting international students as well as work with the University administration to provide insight on international student opinions.