GPSC.R.1.2017-2018. Resolution to Approve VP Appointments

GPSC.R.2.2017-2018. Resolution in Support of DACA Students

Resolutions in support of SAFAB Funding:
GPSC.R.3.2017-2018. Resolution in support of Student Counseling Service hiring request for a Professional Counselor 1-Distance Counseling through SAFAB funding
GPSC.R.4.2017-2018. Resolution in support of SRW Graduate Assistant position request for SAFAB funding
GPSC.R.5.2017-2018. Resolution in support of Department of IT Project Manager hiring request for SAFAB funding
GPSC.R.6.2017-2018. Resolution in support of Disability Services hiring request for a Graduate Assistant through SAFAB funding

GPSC.R.7.2017-2018. Resolution to support the Matthew Gaines Statue Commemoration

GPSC.R.8.2017-2018. Resolution Requesting Transportation Services Investigate Challenges and Requirements to Create a Dynamic Schedule Within the Bus App

GPSC.R.9.2017-2018. A Resolution including Texas A&M University Women in Science and Engineering association as a non-departmental voting organization of the Graduate and Professional Student Council General Assembly

GPSC.R.10.2017-2018.  A Resolution Against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Provisions That Will Increase Graduate Students’ Tax Burden

GPSC.R.11.2017-2018. Resolution Thanking Senator Cornyn for Supporting Graduate Students

GPSC.R.12.2017-2018. Resolution to Approve a New Logo for the Graduate and Professional Student Council

GPSC.R.13.2017-2018. Resolution to Live Stream and Archive General Assembly Meetings

GPSC.R.14.2017-2018. A Resolution Thanking Representative Flores for Supporting Graduate Students

GPSC.R.15.2017-2018. A Resolution in Favor of Increasing the Number of Temporary Employment (H-1B) Visas

GPSC.R.16.2017-2018. A Resolution in Favor of Reforming the Temporary Employment (H-1B) Visa Program

GPSC.R.17.2017-2018. A Resolution in Favor of Increasing the Number of Employment-Based (EB) Green Cards

GPSC.R.18.2017-2018. Resolution in support of Recognized Student Organizations Travel Awards

GPSC.R.19.2017-2018. A Resolution in Support of Increasing Student Health Service’s Space on Campus

GPSC.R.20.2017-2018. A Resolution Supporting a Fee Cap Increase for Student Health Services

GPSC.R.21.2017-2018. A Resolution in Favor of Maintaining Net Neutrality Rules

GPSC.R.22.2017-2018. A Resolution in Support of Increased Funding to the Becky Gates Children’s Center

GPSC.R.23.2017-2018. A Resolution in Support of Increased Funding to Travel Awards

GPSC.R.24.2017-2018. Resolution for translating Silver Taps Letters

GPSC.R.25.2017-2018. Resolution Thanking the Transportation Services and University Police Department for Enforcing the Handicap Parking Regulations















Bylaws Edits resolution

Constitution Edits resolution


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GPSC. R. 2015-2016.2

GPSC. R. 2015-2016.4

GPSC. R. 2015-2016.5

GPSC. R. 2015-2016.6