GPSC Aggies Commit Fellowship Application (2018-2019)

  • Instructions

    Please carefully read all directions before beginning the application. Applications that are not complete or filled out incorrectly will be deemed “Ineligible for consideration.” Complete application directions and rules can be found below.

    Once all materials are assembled, the application takes about 15 minutes to complete. The following information will be asked for:
    1. Personal and Academic Information.
    2. Résumé or Curriculum vitæ.
    3. Experience Proposal (see more information below)
    4. Professional reference name and their e-mail address.

    All documents, where applicable, must be single-spaced, using Times New Roman 12 point font, have one-inch margins, and be in PDF file format. Note: the resume does not need to have one-inch margins. Submissions that do not adhere to this criteria will be deemed "Ineligible for consideration" and will not be scored.

    A proposal describing the proposed educational enhancement experience which must:
    • State the purpose of the experience and how it aligns with identified graduate and professional student high-impact learning outcomes (example descriptions are provided in the rules document).
    • State how the experience contributes to the student’s development beyond the requirements of the student’s degree program.
    • Specify any additional financial support that the applicant is already receiving or anticipates receiving in regards to the proposed experience.
    • Include dates of travel, if travel is involved.
    • Include an itemized budget and budget justification.

    In the event you have questions or wish to discuss the application process, please contact the GPSC Awards Committee Chair at

  • Applicant Information

  • ex:
  • Required Documents

    It is strongly encouraged that you review the instructions found in the Application Instructions on

    The required documents are:
    a. Proposal - uploaded on the application form
    c. Resume or CV - uploaded on the application form.

    In the proposal, please do NOT include:
    Applicant's name.
    Laboratory, Center, or Institute’s name.
    Mentor, principal investigator, and/or faculty advisor’s name and/or title.
    If any of the information above is not met, the application will not be considered.
  • Event Information (if applicable)

  • Please enter the conference, workshop, you are traveling for.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Reference Information

    Your reference must be one of a professional nature that has clear relevance to your graduate or professional career. The reference form is available on the GPSC website and is due before your intended review date. You are responsible for ensuring they complete the reference form.