Frequent asked questions from applicants

Question: “If you have already won a GPSC travel award, can you apply for another travel award for a different travel period?”

  • You cannot apply for a travel award for another travel period that is in the same academic year (i.e. August 2016 – August 2017). There are four travel period throughout the year, and if you have won a travel award in one award period, then you cannot apply to another award period until next academic year.

Question: “I already have some funding from my department and from another grant that I won through the university. Can I still apply for a travel award through the GPSC?”

  • Yes, in fact we recommend that you apply for other awards besides the GPSC Travel Award, since the maximum awarded funding ($500) may only cover part of your travel spend.

Question: “I do not see my department listed as an eligible department or organization. Does this mean that I am not qualified to receive a travel award?”

Question: “If I’m traveling between two periods of the travel awards, which one should I apply?”

  •  You should apply for the awards period that is correlated with the beginning of your traveling date

Question: “ What’s the page limit for the resume? Can I include my personal information in the resume?”

  •  Yes, please include all your personal information in the resume. The resume should be single- or double- spaced with 12 point font, and at a maximum of  2 page length.

Question: “ I’m a first year graduate student, and I do not have a GPR yet, what should I enter in the GPR on the application form?”

  • You should enter 0 GPR for your application, and we will determine the winners by looking at their personal statement and abstract. 
If you have further questions, please contact the travel awards committee chair at .